The Department of Education and Training has partnered with the Young Australian Best Book Awards (YABBA) to provide FREE membership for 2017 for all Primary Schools in Victoria.

The full details can be found on the YABBA page, but here is a quick summary.

To fully engage with YABBA in 2017, please read this post.

There will be 10 Virtual online sessions connecting students with leading Australian authors and illustrators on the following dates, these sessions will support your engagement with YABBA in 2017.

Session 01 – Felice Arena
Thursday 27th April 9:30
Session 02 – Sally Rippin
Tuesday 16th May 9:30
Session 03 – Robin Cowcher and Corrine Fenton
Tuesday 30th May 9:30
Session 04 – Adam Wallace & Serena Geddes
Tuesday 20th June 9:30
Session 05 – Terry Denton
Tuesday 18th July 9:30
Session 06 – Leigh Hobbs
Tuesdy 8th August 9:30
Session 07 – George Ivanoff
Tuesday 29th August 9:30
Session 08 – Hazel Edwards
Tuesday 19th September 9:30
Session 09 – Oliver Phommavanh
Tuesday 10th October 9:30
Session 10 – Awards Ceremony Broadcast
Tuesday 31st October 10:30-12:00


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