Here are pictures of the message stick that Jason Kelly made and his country he always carries with him.


How the Murray River and fish were made.

We acknowledge that some of these stories are not exclusive to the Mutthi Mutthi and may be shared with other tribes.


Long ago a clever man made the huge Murray Cod (Pandjil). Pandjil was also very clever, and he made the rivers.

The Murray river (Jurraree Dindi) , Wakool river(Wakool Dindi) and the Murrumbidgee river (Kane Dindi). Pandjil made the Murray river first starting at the top end.

Later the clever man caught Pandjil in Mutthi Mutthi country and cut him up into small pieces ; throwing those pieces back into the river, naming them and singing out as he threw each piece, Yellow Belly (Lingul) ,Boney Brim (Kakwil) , Pandum (small Cod), Tjpil (Crayfish) etc.  That is how all the other fish were made.

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