Long ago the Willy Wagtail (Tirri Tirri) was similar in size to the Crow (Wangi)

Wangi had three daughters; Tirri Tirri wanted to marry one of Wangi’s daughters. Knowing Tirri Tirri was mischievous Wangi never liked Tirri Tirri and refused Tirri Tirri’s request. Tirri Tirri was relentless constantly annoying Wangi with his persistent requests for marriage.

Tirri Tirri is a wrestler who jumps about and so challenged Wangi to a fight, if he won he could marry one of Wangi’s daughters and if he lost he would never ask again. Wangi agreed to the challenge and instructed Tirri Tirri to make a clearing in the scrub where the fight would take place. Tirri Tirri gladly did so and placed a spike at the edge of the clearing under a bush. Tirri Tirri knew he could use his wrestling skills to push Wangi onto the spike.

The fight took place with Wangi’s three daughters looking on and Tirri Tirri did exactly what he hoped; forcing Wangi onto the spike which went thru his hip.

Wangi let out a scream when he was speared thru the hip from the cheating Tirri Tirri. The fight was over Tirri Tirri was found to be a cheat and he could never be allowed to marry any of Wangi’s daughters. As punishment Tirri Tirri shrank becoming much smaller than Wangi.

Wangi still carries the injury today to his hip, when you look at Wangi walking you will see he still carries that limp fro, the spike going thru his hip.

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