(If you look up into the night sky you can see Orion’s belt. Orion’s constellation from Mutthi Mutthi perspective is made up of five people. Tadakwil in the middle and his two wives which form Orion’s belt.  Guyawil the red star and Ganan ganan the star that changes position.)

Mutthi Mutthi were very wary of Ganan ganan. At night when people were asleep he would take them up into the sky and was believed responsible for many disappearances. He does not stay in one place and is always changing his position.

Tadakwil came here a very long time ago he was born with only one arm. He came and stole two women so he could keep as his wives, he dwells in between them in the sky.

One night the two wives noticed a man with red skin called Guyawil alone at his camp and said to each other “come on let’s pretend to be emu’s and go down and capture him”.

The two women came down and made a noise like emu’s, Guyawil heard them and picked up his spear hoping to kill one of the emu’s to take back to his people to eat. The woman captured Guyawil and took him up sky. He had disappeared; many people searched for Guyawill but could not find him and did not know if he would ever return.

Eventually they saw him up in the sky recognising him by his red skin. It was then they realised that the two woman had taken him and he now remains there as a star in the sky.

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