The Eagle (Willekil) lived at Yanga Lake, he had his family there and was always wary of the Crow (Wangi).

Wangi was always sneaking around trying to steal woman.

One day Wangi stole one of Willekil’s daughters, Willekil was angry and took a Mutthi Mutthi child as a replacement; keeping the child high up at the top of a giant tree by the lake.

People searched and searched for the child day and night weeping.

The Brown Tree Creeper (Bin Bin) saw what had happened and when Willekil was away hunting he climbed up the giant tree and took the child down and returned her to her mother and father. The parents did not know who brought the child back as Bin Bin snuck the child back to camp while they were out looking.

Whilst rescuing the child Bin Bin dropped his fire stick inside the hollow of the giant tree. He did not know where he lost it and the tree caught fire from the inside, burning until it fell into Yanga lake. The tree was so big it divided the lake which is why Yanga looks like it is two lakes.

Mutthi Mutthi people were so happy for the child’s return and eventually found out Bin Bin was the one who saved her and then realised that he dropped his fire stick which caused the tree to fall into Yanga.

You can walk across Yanga still today when the water is low on the ridge formed by the tree splitting the lake.


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