Moity is the Latin word for two halves.

Mutthi Mutthi as all Aboriginal groups believed to understand the universe properly you could not marry someone of the same Moity , you had to marry an equal opposite so as to gain a complete understanding of the universe.These two halves in Mutthi Mutthi are known as Gilbara and Magwarra .The story of the mussels relates to a time before Gilbara and Magwarra became lore.

During the time the Eagle (Willekil) and Crow (Wangi) were fighting four men from two opposing sides fought each other constantly; mixing themselve’s up in Willekil and Wangi’s fight.

Eventually after a long time Willekil and Wangi said, “You men will fight no more.” Willekil picked out two opposing men and said, “You two will now come together and forever remain as one.  You will live in the river.”

Wangi also said, “You other two will also now come together as one and will forever remain that way also; you will live in the lagoon.”

That is how the freshwater mussels came about and why they are formed by two halves (Moity’s).

The bigger mussels were ordered by Willekil to live in the river and the smaller mussels were ordered by Wangi to live in the lagoons. Since that time the Gilbara and Magwarra moity’s governed how marriage was allowed.

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