During Science week (Aug 12-20th) and on Thursday Aug 17th at 2:30pm we will be talking with a scientist, David from the Discovery Centre about bubbles. Why they are what they are, how you can make them bigger and more. We will be looking at all the different places you can see bubbles and talking to a scientist at the Discovery centre.

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Add your bubble pics/videos here and questions. Scroll down for more bubble resources.

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See Victorian Curriculum Science Outcomes – Science Understanding and Science Inquiry skills.

Primarily a chemistry unit but emphasis could be on science inquiry skills for all levels with bubbles providing context for science skill development.

In Particluar – Level 5-6 Solids, liquids and gases behave in different ways and have observable properties that help to classify them (VCSSU076)

Websites about Bubbles

 Homesciencetools  ThoughtCo
 Bubble Prints (makes nice wrapping paper for presents)  KidsDiscover


 Square bubbles  Giant bubbles 1  Giant Bubbles 2
 Making A Net for GIant Bubbles  Icey Bubbles  Frozen bubbles
 Bubble engineering  Fountain of Fizz  Raiders of the Lost Anti Bubble and Episode 2
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