The Crow (Wangi) was a bad fellow, he was always chasing after women. He would sneak around and sneak after them. He would steal a woman and then run away and then steal another woman. He was always looking around frightened in case someone might catch him.

Wangi lived down on the Murray somewhere between what is now Tooleybuc and Koraleigh; the Eagle (Willekil) lived at Yanga. One day when Willekil was out hunting down on the Wakool river (near where the Kyalite hotel now stands), he spotted Wangi sneaking around heading north towards what is now Balranald.

Willekil knew Wangi was up to no good and was again looking for a woman to steal. Willekil challenged Wangi spearing him with his stabbing spear.

Thinking Wangi was dead Willekil pilled a heap of sticks and firewood on top of Wangi and set it alight. Before Willekil could light the fire Wangi dug a grave like hole in the ground creating a pocket under the fire which saved him from being burnt. When Wangi could no longer feel the heat from the fire, the ashes and coals, he climbed through all the ashes peering out to make sure Willekil was gone. Wangi was now all black from the charcoal and ashes and his eyes white. He jumped into the Wakool river thinking Willekil had gone. But Willekil had seen him and drowned him in the river. However, Wangi somehow later returned still all black with white eyes, from what he had been through.

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