The Mindai was a long snake. Mutthi Mutthi people knew of two Mindai. One belonging to Gilbara moity and the other Magwarra moity. Mindai had a mane growing from the back of its neck. The Gilbara Mindai was savage and bad. The Magwarra Mindai was tame and not a danger to Mutthi Mutthi people.

The Mindai lived in the ground. Gilbara Mindai on fine days would get in and out through the water-hole and sit waiting on the ground hiding or sitting in a spring waiting. It would sit in the water-hole and the water would rise up suddenly. It would come out of the water and grab a man by means of its spirit power, which would paralyse a person. Mindai has the power in its eyes to paralyse a man; after which it would swallow you and eat you. If you didn’t catch its eye, you would get away in time and you were alright.

The Mindai would then be satisfied for a while. With its stomach full it felt good. Mutthi Mutthi people were scared of the Mindai.

One day for the first time the Mindai saw a Bullock which had come to the water-hole. The Bullock had a drink of water. Mindai did not know what this animal was, but caught it and ate it.

This was bad for the Mindai, as the Bullock was too big for the Mindai to digest, and so as a result the Mindai died. A white fella saw the dead Mindai. He had to use his whole Bullock team to drag the Mindai out of the water and it was then that he could see that the Mindai was 80 foot long. That’s how the bad Mindai finished.

Magwarra Mindai was alright and he may still be there.

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