Our next Citizen Science project is called Birds of a Feather.  The session will be held in bird watching week in October  National Bird Week 2017 takes place between Monday 23 October and Sunday 29 October Term 4. On Tuesday 24th October at 2:30pm Karen Roberts (Collection Manager, Vertebrates) will be taking us through the Ornithology collection with the assistance of Priscilla Gaff (Programs Co-ordinator – Life sciences)

We are teaming up our Citizen Science project with the national birdwatching week. Citizen Science requires participants to collect data and we will be collecting pictures of birds in your school yard.  Up load them to the padlet so we can see what birds are at your school.  During the week on October we will  have an ornitholgist from the Melbourne Museum talking to us about the bird collection at the museum and answering some bird questions. The session is on Tuesday Oct 24th at 2:30pm.  Register here

There is also a bird watching app you can download to participate in the Australian bird watching week and become a real part of Citizen science work.


to add to that there is a game you can download, Hungry Birds Arludo for iPads and iPhones along with Android to learn about bird survival.  How many chicks can you raise?  Teachers resources are also on the webpage from https://www.arludo.com/game/hungry-birds  

If you are also looking at data collection and representation this game is great  for data collection and includes some templates for student use on the website also..


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