This session has been postponed! Look out for the new dates soon-sorry for any inconvenience! In our first out of three sessions, we look forward to seeing you on Thursday May 3rd at 2:30pm where we will be talking to students who have made solar lights in the Solar Buddy program and hearing about their experience of helping children around the world to have a light so they can read/write when its dark.

Scroll down to read about  the previous post to see the details of the other two sessions coming in term 2.
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Pre-session activities

Is your school using any solar power? Fill in the form so we can share with you the data on how much solar power is being used in some schools.  Is your house at home using solar power for anything?  Have you made any solar powered items in STEM?

The following link is for the Sustainable Schools website and is just one among many showing schools doing great units with their students on sustainability. Explore the website it has many great resources.

Would you like a green schools report on your school?  Here is a link so students can see all the things involved and find out what else they can do to help at school.

How many kilowatts do panels create?  Check this website out for some information.  How many would you need for your school?

How many panels would you need for your home?  Fill in this form and calculate.


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