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Sustainability is again our topic for term 3 with three sessions for your involvement. Register here


Session 1. Carbon Footprint – Wed  July 25th  2:30pm

Your school and electricity use. We’ll be showing some crazy things we can do with circuits and talk us through collecting data on each school’s electricity use.  Students will go away and collect their schools data on electricity use and perhaps their own and then be able to calculate the carbon output.  Making simple circuits is another great activity that can follow the session.  Does the carbon output match the carbon your school is catching(session 3)? What can you do about it?





Session 2. SolarBuddy – August 13th 2:30pm Register here

Students collect data on how many families have solar panels for some of their energy use and if the school has any solar panels and add to the data base on the post for this session in term 3. Then Solarize the world with a project to take action and give the gift of light to others who have little or no power. SolarBuddy is a great program that allows students to actively make a difference in the world. SolarBuddy connects Australian school communities who want to make a difference with other children and communities in areas throughout the world that live with energy poverty. In this program schools/students purchase, build and send lights to a community in need with the help of the buddy2buddy system. We will have the experts from SolarBuddy explaining how students can be involved. 



Session 3. Carbon Sinks – Tuesday  Sep 4th at 2:30pm

The amount of carbon absorption by trees is the focus of this session.  (sequestration) The experts at the Royal Botanical Gardens will instruct students on how they can measure the trees and calculate the carbon sink of your school. Students will then be able to submit the data into the calculator and decide what action the school needs to take. Thanks to Climate change for the image of the carbon cycle.

Register here


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