Small schools of less than 100 are invited to turn on their Polycom and dial in for the Small School Chats before school (8-9am). Students of all levels especially 5/6’s could have the opportunity to speak to other students to help develop speaking and listening skills with a different audience to their usual school members. Some students may see students who could be attending their secondary school in 2019.   If we have many schools register we will group the schools into a group of closest localities to enable this transition overlap for secondary college in 2019.  Other students are welcome to join in also so it’s not limited to grade 6 students.

David Brodie from Tallygaroopna has set up a virtual room for the Small School Chats.  By registering you will be sent the session number so you can dial in for the chats.  Eventually this will be able to be viewed on the new WebEx platform and the sharing of the white board will become an enhanced feature.

So register here if you would like your students to join in the Small School Chats.

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