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In Term 4 Zoo’s Vic will be presenting Safe Cat, Safe Wild Life as part of our Citizen Science project.  We would like you to post pictures of how your cats sleep at night.  Where is their favourite place to sleep?  Add them to the padlet below. Perhaps mums and dads could email a pic to their teachers so the pic can be uploaded to the padlet.  Or add the pic to the padlet at home by clicking on the pink cirle and adding from the photo gallery on the phone or iPad etc.  Then register for the Zoo’s Vic session to be held on October 18th at 2:30pm and learn how keeping your cat happy & indoors can help keep our native wildlife safe. Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife.  Thanks to the Werribee Zoo for adding a great photo of Johari to the padlet.  We can’t wait to see where all your cats like to sleep each night.


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