Join SEA LIFE educators to discover incredible underwater animals and get involved in practical sustainability initiatives to create healthier oceans for all.
The Department of Education has managed to broker a number of free online interactive sessions for 2017 with the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium.
The session dates, times, featured animals and topics are below. These sessions are available via Polycom, Lync or Skype for Business. If you would like to register for the series, or just one session, please click on the register now button below. As each session draws closer we will provide the opportunity for students to ask questions about the featured animals or topic. This can be found below the “Posts” heading. However, the best way to stay abreast of what is happening is to subscribe to the blog and get each post delivered to your inbox.

Session Dates:

Session 01 – Meet the Locals
Thursday 23rd March 2:30-3:10

Session 02 – River to Sea
Thursday 11th May 2:30-3:10

Session 03 – Micro Plastics
Tuesday 20th June 2:30-3:10

Session 04 – Turtle Rescue
Tuesday 8th August 2:30-3:10

Session 05 – Sharks and Rays
Thursday 7th September 2:30-3:10

Session 06 – Penguins
Wednesday 8th November 2:30-3:10

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Register for the whole series of sessions or just for a couple. There will be ways to communicate with Sea Life throughout the program and possibly prizes for schools involved.


Ask the Aquarium Session Details

With the first Ask the Aquarium session happening at 2:30 tomorrow, we will not be taking any more student questions at this time.

If you have not registered your attendance but would still like to get involved, here are the required details to dial in.

If you are using Polycom, please dial 6111977 on your remote and ensure your microphone is muted.

If you are using Lync, please click the following Join the meeting using Microsoft Lync and start a video call with this contact, please ensure your microphone is muted.

We recommend you join at 2:20 as we will begin promptly at 2:30.

Catch you online!

Student Voice, the Aquarium want it!

Ask the Aquarium – Student Voice

The Melbourne Aquarium has virtually opened their doors to Victorian schools. They have offered a 45 minute virtual session in late November (date and time to be confirmed)

In this session they will show the most popular zone request and answer some of your questions. This is likely not their last visit to schools, so if your selection is not the most popular this time around your selections will give us and the aquarium the information we need to make engaging and informative sessions in 2017.

To get started, head to or download the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium app and explore the 12 zones.

Pick which zone you would like to see the most, come up with a question you would like answered about the plants or animals in this zone and fill out the details on the form:

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