The Virtual Learning Team is supporting virtual outreach sessions from the Arludo team for Victorian Government schools. The Arludo team have scheduled time for 1 outreach session just for Victorian Government schools each week.

Arludo currently have created 19 Science based mobile games for secondary students to explore topics in a fun, interactive way, and these are freely available on the Google Play and iTunes stores. The outreach sessions will connect real scientists with your class, they will support you and your students to utilise these games to explore the topic. These outreach scientists will also help your students experience what it’s like to be a scientist as they work together to solve problems.

Check out Arludo’s list of games here: each game has associated worksheets and teacher notes to support you if you want to run the activity on your own.

If you are interested in getting more info about one of the games, or registering for an outreach session fill in the form here:

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