Collaborative Classroom Connections

Do you want to link up with classes learning the same thing your students are? To share your students learning, give them a real audience and purpose?

Register and we will keep a record of which grade levels you are teaching, and what topics you are teaching them each term. If an appropriate connection can be made, we will connect the classroom teachers together, and provide technical support to build a virtual connection between the classes.

We cannot guarantee a connection, but will try our best to make suggestions of worthwhile connections that could support your students learning, and your teaching. The more teachers that register, the more likely we will find a match, so spread the word! We may also use this information to approach external experts that could support a virtual learning session for multiple schools.

Current Topics Registered (Updated on:7/2)

Term 1

F-6 Water
F-4 Commonwealth Games
7-12 ESL

Term 2

F-6 Animals
F-4 Food Chains, Reptiles and Animals
7-12 ESL
3.4 First Contacts

Term 3

F-6 Food & Culture
F-4 Design and Making
7-12 ESL
3-4 Physical Science – Heating Up

Term 4

F-6 Space
F-4 Australian Histroy, Victoria Past and Present
7-12 ESL
3-4 Earth and Space Science – Night and Day
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