Debating FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Is there a cost involved?    A. No

Q. Do the same three students have to speak each week? A. No, most schools give more than 3 leaders the opportunity to speak.

Q. Will you supervise the leaders from our school? A. No, duty of care means students must be supervised locally.

Q. What happens if one week we will be away on camp? A. First thing to do is to discuss this with the teams in your draw, they may be happy to negotiate a different time or week for the debate.

Q. How is scoring the debates done? A. Adjudicating schools must use the official scoresheet.

Q. Who are the adjudicators? A. Each school rotates through byes, adjudicating and timing roles.

Q. Who are the adjudicators for the Grand Final? A. If a finals round is wanted by schools, the Virtual Learning Team will find independant adjudicators.

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