Virtual Authors 2018 schedule

1. Sally Rippin – T1 March 6th

2. Heath MacKenzie – T2 May 1st

3. Adam Wallace and James Hart -T2 May 22nd

4. Sofie Laguna- T2  June 19th

5. Terry Denton and Andy Griffiths-T3 July 31st 


6. Susannah Mc Farlane &Alex Miles –  T3 Aug 21st

7. Belinda Murrell – T3 Sept 11th

8. Super Secret Session – T4 Oct 9th

9. Awards Ceremony – T4 Oct 30th

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In term 1 students will read, read and recommend by nominating up to four books for the shortlist that is announced in early Term 2. Then Students read as many shortlisted books as possible and to begin their critical assessing, rating in preparation for voting. Students reward their favourite author by voting online from the 1st of September.

Check out YABBA’s webpage for more details of the partnership between YABBA and DET.

Along the way we will have 8 virtual sessions featuring our Virtual Ambassadors and have blog posts leading up to the sessions with activities that students can join in to enhance their reading and writing.


Voting is Now open

So we’ve been reading, recommending and rating.  Now its time to reward by voting for your favortite book from the shortlisted YABBA books.

Vote now

Voting rules:

  • Any Child from Prep to Year 9 may vote
  • One vote per child
  • Each child must have free choice


Session 7 – George Ivanoff – Winning YABBA is just CRAZY!

We can’t wait for our next virtual author session with George Ivanoff that is on August 29th at 9:30am.  We are looking forward to hearing George speak about his  books and how he is bringing gaming into his writing. Our Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students will find this very interesting.  Do you have a question for George?  Have you ever written a You Choose?  How would you start?  I’m sure our students will have plenty of questions so put them on the blog in comments under this sessions post.

YABBA would like to give away another set of books so to win the books they are looking for the best drawing of Old Tom.  Up load your picture to the padlet or email it to YABBA to be in the draw for the books prize from YABBA.  We will announce the winner at this session.


Made with Padlet


Session 6 Leigh Hobbs – Words and Pictures, which comes first?

Leigh Hobbs, writer and illustrator and Australia’s current Children’s Laureate will be speaking to students on Aug 8th at 9:30am.  We all know Horrible Harriet and Mr Chicken but where did Leigh get his ideas from?  We’ll find out during this session.  Do you have a question for Leigh? Please write your question in the comments section so we can call on you next week to ask the question.

Can you list all the countries Mr Chicken has visited? Have you ever used google spreadheets to make a map? First in Sheets add all the places Mr Chicken has been and then save the spreadsheet.  You can then in maps import the spreadsheet and boom a map of all the places Mr Chicken has visited will appear.  (Like some help contact Jenny Ashby)

It’s great to see the entries for our book competion coming into the padlet.  Imagine winning the whole set of short listed books.  Here is the link to up load your entry. YABBA POSTER COMPETITION

See you this Tuesday using polycom session number 6144120 on polycom and 6144120 on Skype for Business


Session 5 Terry Denton – 91 storeys aren’t the same as 19 YABBA’S

Tuesday 18th July at 9:30am

We can’t wait to hear from Terry Denton on Tuesday 18th July at 9:30am. Have you read any of the Tree House series? Which one is your favourite? Place a comment and a question for Terry in the comments below and add your school’s name. Don’t forget to create your displays for YABBA featuring the poster of shortlisted books. There are 40 books waiting to be sent to the winning school. Take a snap shot and upload it to the padlet.

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you on day 2 next term.






Pics from the session


How are Books Published? Starring Adam Wallace and Serena Geddes

Adam and Serena would love some questions before this session on June 20th.  Have you ever made a book?  Maybe you have some questions about making books? Have your pencils and paper ready as there will be a drawing competition while the session is on.  Visit Adam’s new website here and about Adam here.  Meet Serena here

See you on June 20th at 9:30am. Also your school could win some short listed books. Check the facebook YABBA site for details



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YABBA at Your School in 2017

YABBA Book Awards

The Department of Education and Training has partnered with the Young Australian Best Book Awards (YABBA) to provide FREE membership for 2017 for all Primary Schools in Victoria. This initiative complements the Premier’s Reading Challenge further inspiring children and young people to read more books.

The YABBA Awards is a great opportunity to engage students in reading practice whilst encouraging student voice. Students get to recommend, read, rate and reward their favourite Australian books through the YABBA Awards.

As a 2017 YABBA Member each Victorian Primary School will get to participate in the remainder of this year’s program.

Term 2

  • Each Victorian Primary School will receive an A1 full colour poster depicting the top 40 Australian books as nominated by Victorian children
  • Students read as many shortlisted books as possible and to begin their critical assessing in preparation for voting in Terms 3 and 4

Term 3

  • Students continue reading widely from the shortlist thinking about which book will get their vote
  • Students reward their favourite book by voting online from 1 September
  • Apply for tickets to attend the YABBA Award Ceremony being held at Hampton Park Secondary College

Term 4

  • Ensure all your students have voted by 20 October (End of week 2)
  • Attend the YABBA Award Ceremony being held 31 October
    • All schools can apply for seats at the Awards Ceremony being held at Hampton Park Secondary College through the YABBA Website
    • All schools can login remotely to watch the Awards Ceremony broadcast through the Virtual Learning Platform

The Virtual Learning Coaches (VLC) will support schools to access 10 virtual online sessions connected to the YABBA program across the school year.  These sessions will connect students to well-known Australian authors and illustrators, during which these experts will discuss and share their craft with students.

This will culminate in an awards ceremony day that will be broadcast to all schools via the DET Polycom Network. All teachers and schools have the ability to dial into Polycom sessions using MS Lync or Skype for Business accounts provided by DET. For technical support, contact your VLC.

Actions Required:

In term 2 all schools will be mailed a poster of the short listed books and membership pack from YABBA. In this pack schools will receive a schedule of online author/illustrator talks with registration details.

The first virtual session is on April 27th at 9:30 am and we will have Felice Arena launching the YABBA VAP (Virtual Ambassadors Program) and the shortlisted books. Check out for more details on the 10 virtual sessions.

Register now.

YABBA Dabba Doo


Exciting news! Our surprise author for next Tuesday is George Ivanoff author of the You Choose books. Also we’ll be so lucky to have illustrator Serena Geddes of the Lulu Bell books, drawing for us from some squiggles provided by some students, similar to Mr Squiggle. George will be able to answer questions about his books and will be explaining all about the YABBA. So please add some questions in the comments section on this blog post and those who like to squiggle, scan your squiggle and then email to us or add to the board below.
Register here to book your seat


YABBA DABBA DOO! Student Voice at it’s best.



Student voice is being used to select the Young Australian Best Book Awards winners. (YABBA)

Have you cast your votes?  On Tuesday Sept 13th we have YABBA presenting to schools. You can find out all about how to vote and let your voice be heard.  Also during the live session we’ll have some surprise authors ready to say “Hi”.

This will be a great session and then you can vote to tell us just what  kids think are the best books. Guess who the surprise authors are going to be? Check the blog closer to the date to see which authors will be coming on line.

All participating schools will receive a free poster of the shortlisted books. Votes due in by October 14th.

Register here to book your seat

YABBA website

Printable School Information Flyer

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